YOUR SAY: What are you looking forward to doing this year?

People in Stalham

Clockwise from top left: Jennie Sizer, 71; Graham West, 67; Mark Thompson, 40; Chris Tooth, 66; Helen Ball, 55; and Phyllis Eden, 73. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

After two years of coronavirus restrictions and hopes that the pandemic might fade into life's background, have people started making plans for the future?

We sent our reporter Daniel Hickey to Stalham to ask was there anything residents were looking forward to doing this year which they have not been able to do since March 2020.

Jennie Sizer, 71, from the town, said: "What would I like to do this year? Where do you start?

Jennie Sizer, 71, from Stalham

Jennie Sizer, 71, from Stalham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

"Just to get out and about and get back to normal again. It wouldn't bother me if we have to keep wearing masks.

"With older people, the more you stay in, the more difficult it is to get out," she said.

She has three grandchildren in Lincoln. "I haven't seen them since the year before lockdown. I hope to go up this year."

Graham West, 67, living in Stalham

Graham West, 67, living in Stalham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Graham West, 67, living in Stalham, said: "I'd like to go abroad. The first place I'd go would be Rhodes.

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"But I don't feel yet the time is quite right. It's going that way but there is still a level of uncertainty.

"Being able to swim in the warm seas would be nice," he added.

Mark Thompson, 40, living in Stalham

Mark Thompson, 40, who lives in Stalham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Mark Thompson, 40, living in Stalham, said: "I'm looking forward to just getting out and feeling a bit freer than we have been.

"I've been thinking about going to New Zealand because my father is over there."

Chris Tooth, 66

Chris Tooth, 66, visiting Stalham - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Chris Tooth, 66, who was visiting the town, said: "I'd like to do more travelling again. I'd normally go to France at least once a year but I haven't been for a couple of years.

"I have a brother in Australia, in Canberra. The last time I went there was 2017. Without the pandemic I'm fairly certain I would have visited him at least once."

Helen Ball, 55, who lives in Stalham.

Helen Ball, 55, who lives in Stalham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Helen Ball, 55, said: "Just going out and about without these masks on our faces. Going on holiday locally to Derbyshire or Yorkshire.

"It's been a funny old two years. I'm just looking forward to feeling over it all."

Phyllis Eden, 73,

Phyllis Eden, 73, who lives in Stalham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Phyllis Eden, 73, said she was not looking forward to anything in particular.

"Because at our age we're not really doing anything. These last two years have changed the way we go out and about.

"We used to go out before the pandemic. We would have gone to different coastal places like East Sussex.

"But now we're more anxious. We'd like to do it again but I don't think we will be," she said.