Stalham man abandons appeal over sentence in dog cruelty case

A man abandoned his appeal against a custodial sentence given for animal cruelty after the judge warned him that he could be locked up for longer.

Nigel Purdy, from Stalham, was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and ordered not to keep animals for 10 years by city magistrates last month, after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the German Shepherd named Shadow –which was found in such a state of suffering that it ultimately had to be put down.

Purdy, 46, from Allen Meale Way, also pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the dog's needs were met.

But he returned to court yesterday to appeal the sentence before Judge Mark Lucraft at Norwich Crown Court.

However, after hearing details of the original offence and seeing the shocking pictures of the dog, the judge indicated to the appellant that he agreed with the original sentence. He even warned him that he had powers to increase the sentence, so Purdy abandoned the appeal.

Kevin Batch, for the RSPCA, said that Shadow was discovered at Purdy's premises covered in urine and faeces, with severely matted hair, and living in a stairwell on July 14.

Officers said they had never seen an animal in such conditions, and an RSPCA inspector said the smell at the flat made her sick.

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However, Purdy denied in interview that he had allowed the dog to suffer.

The 13-year-old black and tan pet was taken to a vet but had to be put down.

The court was told that Purdy was due to be released from jail next week, after serving half his sentence. Purdy was ordered to pay �175, half the prosecution's costs.

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