Sheringham high school pupils in exchange visit

Students from Sheringham High School are set to participate in an exchange visit with students from Coll�ge Sainte Th�r�se, Muzillac, Brittany, next month.

The Sheringham Muzillac Twinning Association has long-standing links with this area and there have been several successful visits between residents of the two towns.

This year, students from Sheringham High school have been writing to students from Muzillac and now 15 Sheringham students together with two staff will visit the region between July 3 and 8. The students will stay with their pen friends and the teachers will stay with a teacher from the French school.

Many activities are planned for the week, including a formal reception at Muzillac town hall visits to neighbouring towns and even a boat trip to a nearby island. The Sheringham students will also do some sightseeing in Paris on the way.

On their return students will have the weekend to rest before welcoming their French pen friends to Norfolk onJuly 11.

During their stay in Norfolk, various events have been planned including participation in lessons and activities in school as well as accompanying pupils on visits to Sheringham and Norwich.