Sheringham golf captains raise in excess of �27,000 for charity

A North Norfolk golf club has raised more than �27,000 to provide five brand new wheelchairs for disabled youngsters.

Sheringham Golf Club captain Brian Graver and ladies' captain Ann Whittington have helped raise the money with club members, after choosing English professional golfer Peter Alliss's Powered Wheelchair Crusade, which raises funds to provide powered wheelchairs for disabled young people, as their joint charity for the year.

The amount raised means the club has managed to provide five powered wheelchairs for needy youngsters.

Just before their year's end as captains, Brian and Ann were able to present a chair six-year-old Emily Godfrey at the club's annual dinner in March.

Tom Duke from the golf club said; 'Emily was delighted, as were her mother and grandparents who attended with her.'

Having purchased five powered wheelchairs during the year from funds raised, there is still a substantial amount of money left and hopes for a sixth are still a possibility as the charity officials are hoping to arrange a partnership with another fund raiser which will meet the cost of procuring another.

Mr Duke added: 'Congratulations must go to Brian and Ann as well as to Sheringham members who have supported their efforts during the year.'

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