New solar battery project on the north Norfolk coast completed

Shell has completed a new solar battery storage project on the north Norfolk coast, following a shift to renewable energy.

Groundworks specialist MD Earthworks has installed the batteries in Bacton on a 'no-dig' site which meant they were not allowed to mechanically excavate.

Shell Energy has now switched all of its British residential customers to 100pc renewable electricity and renewable electricity will be offered as standard to all existing and new customers.

Martin Downes, Earthworks' managing director, said: "We have been working with renewable energy leaders for a number of years and hope to establish new business in the future.

"Bacton was a really sophisticated project to work on. Our highly skilled team and expertise in this area, ensured the design and implementation of the groundworks and lifting of the batteries went smoothly."

As battery storage becomes more cost effective and widespread, the UK is able to rely more on electricity generated by wind farms, solar panels and hydro power.