Sea Palling set to get new church meeting room

Fundraisers for a north Norfolk church say they are close to reaching their target and being able to complete their new church meeting room building.

For years two years parishioners of St Margaret of Antioch Church in Sea Palling, have been helping to raise the money needed for a new meeting room.

So far �37,500 has been raised towards the building work, and the outside shell of the building is now up.

But more funding, around �25,000, is needed to finish off the inside and landscaping around the building.

Church warden, Mary Vacca, said: 'The church itself is a grade II listed medieval building, but has absolutely no facilities.

'We have in the church some interesting features, such as a record of lifeboat rescues over the years, and a record of all the lives saved recorded on boards.

'We do get quite a few visitors come to the church, and the first thing they say is 'where is your toilet?' and of course we do not have one.'

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The church does own a piece of land 100 yards from the church itself, on which are two second world war Nissen huts, which were used by people who manned the radar stations.

Ms Vacca said: 'One of the huts we rent out, the other we rented out until a few years ago, but the church now uses that one as a store room.

'We had enough to build an annexe separate to the Nissen huts, which will contain a toilet, kitchen, and will be a small meeting room.'

There is also hope to renovate the Nissen hut which is no longer rented out, so it too can be used by parishioners.

Reverend Phil Wood added: 'It is fantastic to have got to where we are now, the building is water tight and we are now continuing to try and raise funds to complete the inside and renovate the Nissen hut as well.

'In doing this we hope to make the church more relevant to the community we serve at Sea Palling.'