Q&A with Scott Butler: 'I'd run an amnesty for leaf blowers'

Scott Butler in the studio. 

Scott Butler in the studio. - Credit: Scott Butler

Each week, we put a series of questions to who lives or works in north Norfolk. This week we're featuring Scott Butler - in his late 60s - who organises Cromer's Folk on the Pier music festival.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?
A constantly enthusiastic music promoter, I would like to think local people see me as a longtime ambassador for slightly more specialist repertoire that is beyond the beaten track so to speak.
This has stemmed from many years working in various areas of the music industry.

TRADArrr performing at a previous Folk on The Pier - the Cromer festival organised by Scott Butler.  

TRADArrr performing at a previous Folk on The Pier - the Cromer festival organised by Scott Butler. - Credit: MARK BULLIMORE

How long have you lived in Overstrand?
Evidently I am officially now a 'local', as it is over 25 years. Interestingly the amount of actual locals living in Overstrand
has dwindled dramatically over the years so I think they are glad to have me. 
I have a laugh about 'Londoners' coming in to the village, which of course I am!

What would you do if you were mayor of your town or village for a day?
I would sign an order that would forbid anyone owning or using a leaf blower and there would be a day of amnesty to hand them in for disposal.

What is your favourite landmark in north Norfolk?
Well it would be churlish of me not to nominate Cromer Pier and the Pavilion Theatre really. I must say I am glad it's not as long as Southend Pier, can you imagine running 'Folk on the Pier' on that!

What is your favourite pub?
To be fair, it's a bit difficult to quote a favourite but near home I enjoy a walk over the hill to the Foundry Arms in Northrepps and if I am in town usually pop into the White Horse.

The Foundry Arms in Northrepps.

The Foundry Arms in Northrepps. - Credit: Mark Bullimore

Which shops do you rely on?
Apart from buying fresh meat and vegetables in town, I use Lidl which I think is underrated for its quality and value. It's also beautifully quiet in there and the aroma as you walk in reminds me of shopping in France.

What is your favourite place to eat out in north Norfolk?
Certainly not one of those ever increasing over priced outlets that leave you feeling hungry at the end. 
My regular haunts are the Foundry, Northrepps and Roughton Fish and Chip Shop.

What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?
Well if it was in North Norfolk it would be a glorious day at the lake in Costessey where I go water-skiing. However, a sunny day boating on the Broads takes some beating really.

Boats on the River Bure near Horning. Picture: James Bass

Boats on the River Bure near Horning. - Credit: James Bass

Which places in north Norfolk would you recommend to visitors?
I would recommend the Broads but it has been somewhat oversubscribed over the last two 'staycation' years I am afraid. I think a visit to Felbrigg and Blickling halls should be in the mix.

Felbrigg Hall. 

Felbrigg Hall. - Credit: Gail Barker

Who is your north Norfolk hero?
An entertainer that myself and friends miss now which is Sid Kipper.
Whenever I drive through Trunch on my way to North Walsham I smile and think about this very underrated folk comedian who retired some time ago. However Nelson's achievements are a source of fascination being a fan of history.

Sid Kipper in Cromer. 

Sid Kipper in Cromer. - Credit: Colin Finch

What do you most love about north Norfolk?
The open spaces, pace of life as many others enjoy. I would say the peace and quiet but I haven't had my leaf blower amnesty yet.

*The main events of this year's Folk on the Pier take place at Cromer's Pavilion Theatre from May 6-8.