Rusty tractor moved after claims it made beach look like a ‘tractor graveyard’

A tractor on Cromer beach. Picture: STUART ANDERSON

A tractor on Cromer beach. Picture: STUART ANDERSON - Credit: Archant

A rusty tractor has been moved after being described as causing Cromer beach to look like a 'tractor graveyard'.

Tractors on Cromer beach. Picture: STUART ANDERSON

Tractors on Cromer beach. Picture: STUART ANDERSON - Credit: Archant

Cromer Town councillor Yvonne Nolan first raised her concern about the tractor at a town council meeting on April 9 at North Lodge Park.

She said: 'On Cromer beach, there was a tractor looking like it has run its course. It is particularly old and clearly of no use. Is the beach going to become a tractor graveyard?

'People hiring those chalets overlooking the sea are not going to be happy if their view is blocked.'

Ms Nolan confirmed yesterday the tractor has been moved so it cannot be seen from the promenade at the beach since it has been hidden behind a boat.

She said: 'It has been moved so it is now facing the sea. I don't think the council can have a say on it being completely taken away. It's very detrimental to the beach.

'Some people do seem to like the tractor though. I have seen children climbing on it for instance.'

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North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) manages the beach at Cromer. John Lee, NNDC leader, said: 'The council has a very good working relationship with the fishermen. We recognise the benefits they bring to the district as part of the tourism offer.

'As a fisherman myself I recognise, as do most others, that we have a responsibility to share the beach with other beach users and we do our best to adhere to the rules. Occasionally that fails and it falls on the council to remind fishermen of their shared responsibilities, and on rare occasions, take action.'

Mr Lee had previously said on 23 April he was confident a positive resolution could be reached. Fishing boats at Cromer tend to carry hundreds of crab pots in season, peaking in May and June.

Another councillor, Tim Adams, said: 'We've had tractors stored on the beach for just under 100 years now for the purposes of fishing, and inevitably they do deteriorate a lot quicker because of the location.

'There will always be a balance between the beach as a place of leisure and industry, but I don't feel we've ever been too far away from this balance. We're obviously enjoying a wonderful summer with the beach being very busy, but I haven't received any complaints about the matter recently.'

AN NNDC spokesman said: 'There were three tractors on Cromer beach that were served notices. One was removed by the owner, the other two are in use.'