Royal wedding party planned for Neatishead

Families in Neatishead are working together to organise a village party on the day of the Royal Wedding.

The celebration will take place at the New Victory Hall on April 29 in honour of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

An organisation committee has been formed and will hold a meeting on Friday to decide on exactly what the event will include.

Chairman of the New Victory Hall, Ian McFadyen, promised that the celebration would be a family event, with residents bringing food and drink to share while they watched the ceremony together.

A large screen will be set up in the building so that people can watch proceedings at Westminster Abbey in London.

'We're very supportive and we're delighted that everybody's working together,' he said.

Several different plans had been hatched in the village by local businesses, which have now been focused into one effort.

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'What was happening was that there were several ideas floating around in the village for a celebration,' said Mr McFadyen.

'What we've done is get everyone together around a table and it was agreed that we'd have a single community event. They're all working together now.

'It's going to be focused on the New Victory Hall rather than the street.'

Following a meeting on Sunday an organising committee has been formed to arrange the entertainments on the day.

The New Victory Hall itself also owes its origins to community cooperation.

The Preston family from Beeston St Lawrence built a reading room in Neatishead in the 19th century where residents could access daily newspapers.

In 1919 the residents got together and bought the building, and upgraded and maintained it until then late 90s when a fund raising campaign to replace it began.

In 2007 the village was awarded a �177,000 grant by the Big Lottery Fund, which was added to the proceeds of the sale of the original hall, which financed construction of the new building.