Bench vandalised in Norfolk town. Do you know what happened?

Vandalism to bench in North Walsham. Picture: Teresa Hughes

Vandalism to bench in North Walsham. Picture: Teresa Hughes - Credit: Archant

A North Walsham resident has called vandals that destroyed a park bench 'pathetic' and 'inadequate'.

It happened at the Trackside skate park near the train station close to the dog area.

Resident Teresa Hughes said: 'There is often broken glass in the park, plus heavy littering.

'A group of us walk our dogs there in the evening. I saw it on Tuesday, July 17 and was furious.

'We have a big problem with littering and vandalism in both parks in North Walsham.

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'Not quite sure when it happened, as I have been away.

'Could someone explain to me, just what the pathetic, inadequate little yobs who did this achieved by doing it?

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'What on earth did they get out of it? What sad little lives they must lead if this is the only way they can get their kicks. Elderly and disabled park users used this bench. Now they can't. I hope the perpetrators are happy.'

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