Village pub wins status as asset of community value

The Red Hart Inn, Bodham. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

The Red Hart Inn, Bodham. - Credit: ANTONY KELLY

Villagers will have the chance to 'rescue' their local pub should it happen to go up for sale over the next five years. 

Bodham Parish Council has registered the Red Hart Inn as an asset of community value (ACV), after its previous registration ended earlier in the year. 

Callum Ringer, vice chairman of the council, said: "We don't see any reason why the pub would be put up for sale, but it's a form of insurance policy for the community.

"If anything were to happen it would give us an opportunity to rally around it."

Bodham parish councillor Callum Ringer, who is hoping to open a community shop run by a mix of paid

Bodham parish councillor Callum Ringer. - Credit: KAREN BETHELL

Mr Ringer said they would have six months to raise the money to make a bid for the pub if it ever were to go on the market. 

Mr Ringer, who put in the application to North Norfolk District Council, said to be eligible for ACV status he had to put together evidence proving the Red Hart had furthered the social interest and wellbeing of the community.

The pub plans to reopen on May 20.