Two different opinions: ‘Should we have a second vote on Brexit?’

Should there be a second vote on Brexit? Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Should there be a second vote on Brexit? Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Reader letter 1: No

Do they think aliens voted to leave the European Union?

Only supporters of the EU could call it undemocratic to not hold a re-run of the referendum (dressed up as a 'people's vote') before the result of the last one is even implemented. The people voted in 2016. Who do they think did, aliens? ​

Nobody ever voted for this project. In 1975 we joined a 'common market', which was all about trade at a time of high global tariffs. We didn't vote for this out-of-control political union. We had to wait 41 years for our voices to be heard again - let's wait another 41 before going back to the polls. But the EU (in my honest opinion) will be long gone by then. And good riddance.

Don't forget that both main parties stood in last year's snap general election on pro-Brexit manifestos.

Lib Dems were the pro-EU/remain party and won a whopping... 12 seats. It says an awful lot.

Ask yourself this though: If the EU is so great, then why haven't the citizens in every member state been offered fair referenda to give consent to the project? It was only the rise of Ukip that forced one here. If it's so marvellous, surely people will dash to polling stations filled with joy to support it. I think this says it all.​

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We saw what happened when our friends in Ireland voted 'NO!' They were bullied into voting again. But this will not happen to the UK. We have always stood up to bullies.

Hand on heart, I truly believe the UK will thrive as a proud, independent, self-governing nation. In fact, I think the future will be so bright that we might have to wear sunglasses, permanently.


Pine Grove ​


Reader letter 2: Yes

Clear up the matter with a second poll

With even Mr Brexit himself, Nigel Farage, coming out in favour of a second vote in order to end the 'whinging and whining' of those who oppose his views, I cannot see why the Brexit brigade keeps insisting the matter is over. Some people seem to think that since slightly more than half of voters chose one option in a poll more than two years ago that democracy is now over and we must never ever question it.

Let us not forget that the Electoral Commission found Vote Leave guilty of electoral fraud, throwing the legitimacy of this referendum into serious doubt.

If you had a friendly bet with a friend over the outcome, of, say, a game of bridge, but later discovered they had been cheating, would you feel obliged to honour the bet if they won? I don't think so!

It is also becoming increasingly clear that, through the fumbling, in-fighting and ineptitude of the Conservatives we are headed for a 'no deal' Brexit which would leave us out in the cold and severely damage our economy, heath service and global influence. More and more people are realising this and changing their views, which we are all perfectly entitled to do in a democracy. So let us once and for 'end the matter' and do what Mr Farage says - bring on a second vote!


Norwich Road