READER LETTER: ‘Where is the fabled covenant of Mundesley?’

Beach huts at Mundesley at sunset. Picture: JULIE CAMERON

Beach huts at Mundesley at sunset. Picture: JULIE CAMERON - Credit: Julie Cameron

A covenant, according to the dictionary, is 'usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not to do something specified'.

In October last year North Norfolk District Council were considering the number of concession pitches across the area in places such as busy carparks and seaside promenades, Mundesley was one such place on their list.

There was quite an outcry from residents and shop-keepers - we already have eight excellent places along the seafront where people can get hot food, ice creams, etc.

Shortly after this upset Mundesley Parish Council (MPC) discovered a 'covenant' in amongst a box of papers in the parish council office. This was a covenant, presumably between NNDC (who own the land) and MPC. Apparently this covenant says nothing is to be placed on the seafront, so at least that put paid to the 'concessions'.

In my naivety I thought this covenant should be registered in the list of documents on the parish council website, but it isn't , I also asked if I could see a copy but no luck.

In fact I've been told one thing by one party and something else by another so I'm beginning to wonder if this covenant actually exists. I spoke to a former councillor who had been on the council for 16 years (he retired some while ago) and he's never heard of the covenant either.

This is the same parish council which spent £2,996.64 of our money on floodlights along the seafront (see October 2017 accounts) The Lights were installed without consultation with the parish. The lights have since been removed following instruction from NNDC.

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November 2017 accounts - £6,6,600 solicitors fees - what a good job Mundesley once had some thrifty councillors or how else would these huge bills be paid.

I can't help but think of Aunt Agatha (Boy John Letters) she would say 'If yow want to keep friends wi' the peeple in yer willage, well keep orf the parish council'


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