Reader Letter: “Where is all the funding going?”

A fire engine leaving the scene of a fire at Scarning. Picture: Ian Burt

A fire engine leaving the scene of a fire at Scarning. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Where is all the funding going?

Emergency services at breaking point. Funding cuts. Barely a day passes without this newspaper together with the usual political suspects screaming from the front pages how our emergency services are stretched to breaking point. Really? Is it not high time we had a close look as to where all this funding is going.

You reported (North Norfolk News, January 25) that a man was sadly found to be unconscious at a house in Sheringham.

So, two ambulances attended along with the police. However, also rushing to the scene - no fire reported - were fire and rescue crews (wait for it) from Sheringham, Cromer, Gorleston and Sprowston.

Not to be left out an Environmental Protection Unit was also despatched. At what exactly? I make that at least 26 people.

Now surely once the first ambulance or police car got there they could easily tell the fire crews, etc to save the money - it might be needed elsewhere.

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Or is it not the case that our desperately stretched fire service have almost nothing to do all day and relish the chance to get out.



The Manor


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