READER LETTER: Where can we find the money for more council tax?

Cliff Jordan, leader of Norfolk County Council. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY

Cliff Jordan, leader of Norfolk County Council. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY - Credit: Submitted

To the leader of Norfolk County Council, Cliff Jordan.

Sir, can you please tell me where I, a 79-year-old pensioner, on behalf of many others likewise younger generations also struggling at this moment in time, are to find this extra council tax increase?

I would like to remind you to pay £186 D band per month from an old age pension of £100 plus per week you are taking one third of one's salary.

We are not in the position like you councillors who self-reward pay rises each year, and vast salaries.

It is Tory policy that the rich get richer and the poor have to struggle. The peers in Parliament get £300 per day to attend is an example.

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I also have a question for Lorne Green, police and crime commissioner, who cannot stop adding his police tax to the increase of council tax misery. If one did away with the police commissioner, also on a large salary, it would be financially viable for police funds adding to the speed fines which are vast then there would be no need to take money from struggling people.


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