READER LETTER: ‘Thanks for all the Parkruns’

Thanks for all the Parkruns. Picture: Courtesy Simon Burton Pye

Thanks for all the Parkruns. Picture: Courtesy Simon Burton Pye - Credit: Archant

On Saturday, May 26, I completed my 250th Parkrun at Sheringham Park.

A very big thank you to all the volunteers and organisers of this event, who, over the years have enabled me to achieve this milestone.

Every Saturday, throughout the year, there is a dedicated team, who turn out in all seasons, enabling the Parkrun to take place.

Thank you also to the National Trust and their team for allowing the Parkrun to take place within their inspiring, wonderful, spectacular grounds.

Finally, thank you to all those who participate in the run. Such a friendly diverse array of people, all ages, all sizes, all abilities, and everyone with their own challenge and story.

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I am one of natures 'plodders', with a weakness for cake.

Thankfully, Sheringham Parkrun welcomes and encourages all.

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My grateful thanks to you all.


Stonefield Road


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