READER LETTER: ‘Supermarkets need cashback facilities’

Sainsbury's. Picture: Google Maps

Sainsbury's. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

The Sainsbury's store in North Walsham has switched off cashback facilities at all its checkouts.

I wrote to Sainsbury's main office asking why they had decided to do this - it's so easy and convenient for people to use the cashback facility at the same time as doing shopping.

This is part of their reply - I quote: 'Sainsbury's Bank is looking at ways to support stores to improve till efficiency and remove tasks that might slow down the checkout experience for the majority of shoppers and increase usage of the ATM. Sainsbury's are running a trial in some stores including North Walsham, stores that have relatively low cashback transactions and a conveniently placed ATM'

This tells me that Sainsbury's are only interested in getting customers through the checkout as quickly as possible. Isn't it a pity that we slow down the checkout staff by daring to ask for cashback?

With two of the town's banks already gone and Barclays leaving in January it was such a relief to know we still had a cashback facility at North Walsham Sainsbury's.

Not everyone is comfortable using an Automated Teller Machine.

Janet Munro

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