READER LETTER: ‘Our town hall is not accessible’

Sheringham Town Hall, which could be let or sold after a proposed move to the town community centre.

Sheringham Town Hall, which could be let or sold after a proposed move to the town community centre.Photo: KAREN BETHELL - Credit: Archant

Regarding the letter 'Think twice before moving town council' (North Norfolk News, March 21) I am writing to convey my disappointment that a Sheringham town councillor Peter Cox has such an outdated and limited understanding of the need to provide easy and fully accessible public buildings.

The current town hall has steps at the front with no ramp possible and a very difficult to access down an alley rear disabled door.

A person in a wheelchair then has to be transferred to a stairlift.

This poses three difficulties. 1. A person can be transferred safely to a chairlift. This might require more than one person and a hoist. 2. They can sit safely in a chairlift up a wide and very high staircase 3. They do not then have a wheelchair at the top.

Most people have wheelchairs designed for them.

When a fully accessible building with car parking is available at the community centre it is ludicrous to insist on the town hall where a large sector of the population are excluded from.

Equally to spend further large amounts of ratepayers money to install lifts when facilities of a much higher standard are already available is farcical.

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The last time I visited my husband had to sit outside in the rain, while I paid my allotment rent.

This is wholly unacceptable in this day and age.

If a councillor cannot see that then I understand completely why Sheringham Town Council held and carried by a large majority a vote of no confidence in councillor Cox. Happy to talk about this but he derailed this move in 2013 and is trying again now.

As the partner of a wheelchair user I cannot stress the importance that a more accessible building is available.



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