READER LETTER: ‘My concerns for future outside the EU’

What will the country be like when today's young people are in their twilight years outside the EU?

What will the country be like when today's young people are in their twilight years outside the EU? Picture: AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda - Credit: AP

I am a 76-year-old camper. Sitting outside my small tent at West Runton, I look around the site and see the ultra modern caravans plus awnings with more room than Holkhall Hall, fitted with all the mod cons, and occupied by mostly elderly couples, pulled by gas guzzling cars.

I also see ultra modern motor homes, with all mod cons, again mostly elderly couples.

And this view you will see on campsites across the length and breath this country, opulence acquired over many years, while a member of the EU.

And I wondered while sitting there, how many sitting outside their units across the country voted Leave, and in doing so in my view, disadvantaged a younger generation, who, had they been given the chance to vote, as opinions polls suggest, would have voted Remain, knowing their future and job prospects lay being inside the EU.

Do you believe that Donald Trump will be an open market, like the EU, alas two years on, and still a shambolic Brexit negotiation, with Messrs Johnson and Rees-Mogg running the show for their own ambitions, leaves me to wonder, that once out of the EU, unlike the youngsters growing up in the EU, will the youngsters in this disunited country, an independent Scotland, a fractious Ireland, when in their dotage, enjoy a holiday in an ultra-modern unit on a Norfolk campsite.

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