READER LETTER: ‘Money and greed are hurting the planet’

Reader Steven de la Salle shares his views on the environment. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Reader Steven de la Salle shares his views on the environment. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Money and greed are hurting the planet

There's an increasing flow of 'save the planet', 'reduce CO2 emissions' and 'climate change' soundbites sweeping across our nation.

And fair enough. I agree with recycling and the reduction of plastic usage. But how many 'planet protectors' mention the serious pollution problems that are by far worse?

We barely hear anyone in the mainstream media or on TV talking about sensible population control.

And more people means more washing, cooking, heating, travel, purchasing of products and so on. But few dare to talk about this simple yet obvious factor.

Then there's the modern corporatist 'throwaway' culture, heavily supported by the corporatist European Union.

TVs, computers, boilers, white goods, etc when faulty are nowadays, in a vast majority of cases – encouraged to be disposed of and replaced instead of repaired, often due to cost.

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And no-one can blame the customer for deciding to save cash.

But who, ever, raises the fact that huge volumes of embedded energy is used producing more regular products, let alone the transportation to points of sale and households.

I doubt they're made with Oompa Loompa power and delivered by Dave and Trevor on horseback.

At the end of the day, if truth be told, it's all about the money. Money and greed are destroying Mother Earth and few dare to challenge the system. The powerful elite.

I, like millions of others, take great pride scrubbing out my small jam jars with used Brillo pads – just to do my bit – whilst over in say, Germany, they're producing vastly oversized motor cars (that are ripping up our roads) and gas boilers by the ship load.

Somebody in public office needs to have a 'proper word.'

But, of course, big business rules the world, sadly. Our MPs are just too scared to stand up and talk about tough issues. It's much easier for them to send countless egotistic tweets each day and pose for photographs. That's why we are in this mess.


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