READER LETTER: ‘Let’s not let flags upset us’

The flag of Ireland, often refered to as the Irish tricolour. One reader questioned whether it shoul

The flag of Ireland, often refered to as the Irish tricolour. One reader questioned whether it should be flown at Cromer's parish church on St Patrick's Day. Picture: Michal Osmenda - Credit: Archant

I am saddened to hear that a group of ex-soldiers have taken offence to the Irish flag (the green, white and gold, not the British Northern Ireland Flag) being flown on St Patrick's day in Cromer (North Norfolk News, March 28).

I am more saddened and angered by the references used by Mr Needham like 'soldiers being hauled up in court and the other side get away with it'.

If that makes his blood boil he can only imagine my blood pressure when I see the images and recounts of the murders that took place on Bloody Sunday by said soldiers, now rightly being brought to justice.

'Ireland which of course was British until 1922', really!

Do we really need to go back to the 5th Century when the Celts were looking on at these German tribesman setting up camp on a neighbouring island later to be known as the English.

'We are not New York but a small town', we'll I really hope the rest of Cromer doesn't hold the same views as Mr Needham.

Like it or not the ethnicity of the 66 million people in Britain is made up of many backgrounds; Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Muslim, German as well as others.

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As a 34 year old who has recently relocated his family to the beautiful surroundings Norfolk six months ago, I would hope the local people are up with the times in celebrating diversity, acknowledging life is to short, and to enjoy each day as a gift.

Relax and have a pint!


The Broads

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