Reader Letter: North Walsham councillor says “We need a sensible Labour councillor at district council”

Elaine Addison. Pictures: Stephen Burke

Elaine Addison. Pictures: Stephen Burke - Credit: Archant

The slippery slope of crime

Two weeks ago I wrote about the poor record of the Tory county council supporting the Tory central government's despicable drive for austerity, cutting our services, hiking up our council tax and especially the cuts to the police force.

Recently I noted two outrageous crimes reported by the North Norfolk News and the EDP.

First, the theft of £40,000 worth of solar panels from a rural business in Langham.

Secondly, I read about the theft of all of the wheels from the minibuses used to transport children in a special school in Old Catton.

The thieves, not content with this appalling crime which has left vulnerable children without transport, they then set about smashing the minibus windows.

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It seems to me that crime is on the increase.

The police and crime commissioner, Lorne Green, is going to have to present the next round of crime figures very imaginatively if he and the Tory cronies at county council are to be trusted with our safety.

Crime figures in our rural villages are currently lumped in with the rest of north Norfolk.

How will we be able to work out if the remaining police force are able to work towards the reduction in crime?

The police need our support, our villages need our support.

I am sure that the Lib Dem and Tory district councillors could stop their in-fighting and quitting and try to resolve issues for the residents of north Norfolk.

Crime is on the increase, the budget is on the decrease – it doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to predict the outcome.

We need more police.

We need an end to austerity.

We need a sensible Labour councillor at district council.

That's why I am supporting David Spencer for the Worstead ward election.


North Walsham