It’s time to pedestrianise the high street

Sheringham shoppers enjoying a traffic-free High Street, which has been closed to vehicles since the

Sheringham shoppers enjoying a traffic-free High Street, which has been closed to vehicles since the sinkhole opened up in the road two months ago.Picture: KAREN BETHELL - Credit: Archant

I read in the paper that local shops in Sheringham were looking to make the road closure, due to the sink hole repair, permanent.

I have visited North Norfolk for many years and now come every other week and have visited Sheringham more times since the road closed than any time in the previous four years such is the difficulty hopping on and off pavements and trying to avoid cars as we make our way to Straits and the ice-cream shops.

The tables and chairs set out to now enjoy such delights and safe in the knowledge you can relax with two dogs and three kids without getting knocked down have been a huge benefit to the amount of food I have bought and it's not just about summer.

As we know winters can be bleak, the weather inclement at the best of times and the shops struggle.

If that area was permanently shut to cars the council could erect a more permanent umbrella, covering or awning area so that on a cold but brisk winters day there is a place to shelter whilst enjoying your takeaway and encourage more people to try street food or otherwise. Imagine Christmas specials or Halloween?

MORE: Town centre pedestrianisation row escalates, as second petition is launchedAt a time when town centres are struggling we should look and listen to the sales figures of the shops versus the mild inconvenience of a few drivers and look to make it fully pedestrian between the hours of 8am and 10pm with only deliveries allowed outside these times.

It makes sense to close it as you turn past the theatre.

I have driven down that road in the past to get a takeaway from my favourite places but would far rather park up as enjoy it there and maybe whilst there visit one of the retail shops.

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Let's hope the council are forward thinking and innovative in how they approach this as it could be just what Sheringham needs to maintain and increases its appeal for tourists.


Melinda Cottages

East Runton

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