READER LETTER: ‘It’s brilliant to see the town doing so well’

At the opening of North Walsham's Costa last month were, from left, Arron Smith, Jack Tindall, Naomi

At the opening of North Walsham's Costa last month were, from left, Arron Smith, Jack Tindall, Naomi Clarke, Emmie Cole and Delroy Daniels with deputy mayor Mary Seward, centre, and mayor Barry Hester. Picture: Neil Didsbury - Credit: Archant

It was very heartening to see two new businesses open and thriving in North Walsham recently. One, a privately owned bistro and the other a new Costa coffee, both in the centre of town. Visiting both of these outlets I saw how busy they were, and how positive and happy the atmosphere was in each place.

In particular, in the Costa Coffee outlet the majority of customers were young, mainly teenage people.

In these days of concerns about young people becoming isolated and fretting over social media,

I think it probably does their mental health a lot more good to meet friends face to face and chat and laugh over a non-alcoholic drink, rather than sit in front of screens or agonise over phones.

Some criticise Conservative values as representing hard headed business run by ruthless people who care for nothing but profit.

We certainly do need to keep reminding big business that the best of them should contribute to the well-being of local communities, and I would like to see that engagement every time a national name opens an outlet in a north Norfolk town.

But for now, let's applaud the new spirit of hope and vitality in North Walsham.

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Charity is a wonderful thing, but business, big or small, can help a place feel good about itself too.



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