READER LETTER: ‘If you’re sick of Brexit, reject it’

Time is running out for Theresa May to negotiate the terms upon which Britain leaves the EU

Time is running out for Theresa May to negotiate the terms upon which Britain leaves the EU - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In the great Brexit debate there is one thing which almost everyone agrees — they want Brexit to stop dominating the news and our politics.

They want the government 'to get on with it', although there is no agreement about what 'it' is.

There are three options now.

Theresa May's deal is only the first stage of a much longer process.

It effectively keeps us in the EU, but giving up our voting rights, for two years, followed by a long process of negotiation which is only outlined as a general set of hopes.

'No deal' means a sudden stop to all regulations and rights for UK citizens and businesses in Europe and all European citizens and businesses here.

We would then have to negotiate emergency measures to keep trade flowing and protect our citizens. We would be in a very weak position to negotiate and if, as some Brexiters suggest, we renege on our promises about outstanding debts, this would be very difficult.

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After that, replacing trade agreements is likely to take five or more years of negotiation and argument.

The third option is to stop Brexit, either by a Parliamentary decision or a referendum.

That would make many people angry (but many people are already angry), but the decision would be clean and there would be no need to talk about Brexit ever again.

Any form of Brexit will involve years of argument and negotiation. If people really want politicians to stop arguing about Brexit, and get on with solving the country's real problems there is only one answer.


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