Reader letter: How can left-wingers support the EU?

To Brexit or not to Brexit - is that still the question? Picture: Vector illustration

To Brexit or not to Brexit - is that still the question? Picture: Vector illustration - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I don't understand how anyone 'left-wing' can support the corporatist European Union.

The same project that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are in love with! And free movement of people is in fact a right wing concept - it allows big business/corporations to have an almost unlimited supply of labour - keeping wages down/stagnated whilst boosting their profit margins and simultaneously adding mass pressure to public services that the working class, and ever-growing working poor rely on most.

We cannot afford to go private to 'jump the queue'.

I predict the European Parliament will be swamped with MEPs from fascist parties after the elections next year, as the migrant crisis and resentment grows rapidly across the continent. Neo Nazi parties that make Britain First seem timid. Do the left really want to remain part of that?​

As a huge admirer of the late, great Tony Benn, a true Eurosceptic, I feel sad that the majority of the current Labour Party has turned its back on the little people, the hardworking man and woman who are struggling to get by - the very people it was set up to represent. ​

The Labour Party and trade unions fought for and won workers' rights - and I cannot believe anyone truly 'labour' would support this anti-democratic EU project and its lavishly paid 'appointed' commission, whom we cannot remove via the ballot box. I hope that one day, soon, the Labour Party will be taken back to its original roots.​


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