READER LETTER: ‘Home truths about the housing crisis’

Elaine Addison says there is an affordable housing crisis in north Norfolk. Picture: LLOYDS

Elaine Addison says there is an affordable housing crisis in north Norfolk. Picture: LLOYDS - Credit: c/o Lloyds Coomercial Banking

We are facing a housing crisis in north Norfolk.

There isn't enough 'council' housing for thousands of families in need in our local area.

When these new housing developments go up, they tell us that they will include 'affordable housing', but is this truly affordable? North Walsham is earmarked for 2,500 new homes in the west of the town.

If the developers don't make enough profit though, affordable housing is the first thing that's cancelled.

Where does this leave people who need to rent?

In the hands of private landlords, forced to move away from their town or village, because of high rents, or no housing at all.

Some of the coastal areas are facing housing problems, because of the high level of second homes as holiday homes.

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This is pushing up house prices, and this is what they call gentrification, when locals can no longer afford to live in their home town.

It must stop.

Social housing landlords, such as Victory Housing do a great job providing social housing across the district.

I was shocked to hear that when they sell a house under the Right To Buy scheme, they only get about £23,000 from the sale.

The rest goes to North Norfolk District Council (NNDC).

Last year this amounted to about £1.4 million into the coffers of NNDC.

Why won't NNDC give back the money to Victory Housing, to build more homes for people in need?

It had baffled me until now. In the NNDC full council meeting, they voted to set up a property investment company.

This comes at a cost of £2m.

Wouldn't it be better all round to leave social housing to the experts at Victory Housing, NNDC should stick to their responsibilities. We need more genuinely affordable housing, in support of our families and communities. We don't need NNDC Councillors spending £2m on another vanity project, we deserve better. Use your vote on May 2, for better housing.


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North Walsham

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