READER LETTER: ‘Dog mess is infuriating’

A sign asks dog owners to pick up after their pets. Picture: Chris Bishop

A sign asks dog owners to pick up after their pets. Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

I write in response to the letter from councillor John Lee in which he voices concern and anger over the worsening dog mess problem in North Norfolk .

I live in Holt and I am a dog owner - a responsible dog owner. Every day it infuriates me more and more that I am constantly trying to avoid treading in filthy dog mess whilst walking to work, walking my dog or walking my young grandson.

It is absolutely filthy and is becoming worse and worse.

What amazes me is that some people do clear up after their dogs, only to then discard the bag on the pavement or in a hedge,

It beggars belief,

Admittedly there is a shortage of dog waste bins in and around Holt but we all have wheelie bins at home so take your dog mess home and dispose of it properly.

There is no excuse. Dog waste bags are readily available in all pet shops and supermarkets.

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Failing that you can buy a pack of nappy disposal bags in the baby section of most shops.

These are ridiculously cheap. A certain supermarket in Cromer sells packs of 100 nappy bags for just 20p. There is no excuse!

Holt is supposed to be such a highly regarded town. But take a walk around the outskirts and see for yourself how it is littered with dog mess. It is vile.

Who is supposed to be patrolling the area to catch the culprits? Where are the fines? If fines were actually handed out then perhaps this situation would begin to improve.

We need to see more dog waste bins. We need North Norfolk District Council to start issuing fines. Until those things happen the problem will escalate and we will continue to have to watch every step we take so as to avoid treading in dog mess.


Woodrow Avenue


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