READER LETTER: ‘Conservatives’ financial management was sound’

Former North Norfolk District Council leader John Lee has defended the Conservatives' record while i

Former North Norfolk District Council leader John Lee has defended the Conservatives' record while in control of the council. Pictured are the council's offices in Cromer. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

I have to take issue with the complete and utter nonsense from Judi Conner in your letters page (North Norfolk News, March 21).

She claims 'it's a relief to see the Lib Dem controlled North Norfolk District Council addressing the large financial deficit they recently inherited from the Tories'.

There is no financial deficit at NNDC to suggest otherwise is simply untrue. NNDC is in a very sound financial position with ample reserves and it is debt free.

To suggest that the Market Town Initiative was a Lib Dem proposal again is simply untrue, the Market Town Initiative was a Conservative group idea that came about because we have a desire to regenerate our inland market towns, to support our high streets and increase footfall.

It is true to say that in the budget setting process in February 2018 the Lib Dems suggested we increase the money available to each town to £100k, because of the sound monetary management of seven years of a Conservative administration we were quite able to take that on board.

Here are some true facts for you, from 2003 to 2011 NNDC was Lib Dem controlled, for seven of those eight years they increased council tax.

From 2011 to 2018 the Conservative administration only raised council tax once, that is a fact, it's also a fact that we presented a fully costed balanced budget for this year that did not include a rise in council tax, this was voted down by the Lib Dems and their independent cohorts.

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The Lib Dems have been in control for only four months and already your council tax has unnecessarily gone up.

During the seven years of Conservative rule there were no cuts to our statutory duties, indeed thanks to our hard working staff, these duties were enhanced.

During the seven years of Conservative rule our discretionary services have been fully supported, for example, the new swimming pool and leisure centre at Sheringham, the proposed indoor tennis centre and sports hub in Cromer, the huge success of our sporting centre of excellence. We take very seriously our duty to the health and well being of our residents which is why we brought forward these projects. They could not be funded if NNDC was in deficit.

The negative campaigning of the Lib Dems and their dwindling band of supporters is quite depressing, on May 2 North Norfolk residents have a choice, vote for a Conservative team that will continue to provide services and support for all, or a Lib Dem group who are bereft of any ideas and who will just continually raise your council tax.


Councillor for Suffield Park ward and leader of the Conservative group at North Norfolk District Council

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