READER LETTER: ‘Charity shops can kill local enterprise’

A new PACT charity shop is opening in Holt, near Budgens supermarket. Photo: JONO READ

A new PACT charity shop is opening in Holt, near Budgens supermarket. Photo: JONO READ - Credit: Archant

Charity shops have their place in a thriving market town but yes, they can kill local enterprise.

Check out Swaffham, struggling to survive; and you will see a market town flooded with charity shops with very few independents and definitely nowhere near the footfall of Holt.

Of course 'locals' need catering for and not just the newcomers or holiday makers, but all high streets are suffering from the competition from online retailers.

With the overheads that local business owners have to bear it is no wonder a shop can stay unoccupied and only appeal to national charities.

I believe the problem could be helped if landlords were to set reasonable rents and councils help in whatever way they can those willing to take the gamble of setting up a shop.

As for Holt I have to ask why do they charge for car parking whilst other market towns do not e.g. Swaffham and Downham Market?

Seeing the town's working population parking down the hill towards Letheringsett is just a joke in such an affluent town. ?

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I am a local, born and bred in West Norfolk, and love visiting Holt.

As a challenge to the locals: use it or lose it, and I guess like many, their access to online shopping is just a finger tip away.

Finding innovative ways to attract shoppers and variety to local diverse shopping experience has to be the way forward.

Rant over.

Barry Rasberry, Narbourough, King's Lynn

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