READER LETTER: ‘2,000 homes plan should go back to the drawing board’

A new local plan proposes 2,000 homes be built in the west of North Walsham. Picture: Rui Vieira/PA

A new local plan proposes 2,000 homes be built in the west of North Walsham. Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire - Credit: PA

As you know, the new North Norfolk District local plan is out for public consultation.

North Walsham faces a massive development of 2,000 new homes on a 'western extension'.

Whilst it seems that we need to grow to accommodate an increasing population, many people are wondering why so much in North Walsham.

It seems that there isn't any commercial development, and so all the new residents will be commuting to Norwich for work.

As the new leadership at North Norfolk District Council have declared a Climate Emergency, it is even more important that we ensure that their actions match their words.

This local plan is not good for the environment.

There's no healthcare provision within the development area, only 1 primary school for up to 6,000 new residents, no cycleways & no park & ride.

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There needs to be an obligation on the developers to provide renewable technology on these new homes, electric car charging points & rainwater harvesting.

This local plan will remove prime agricultural land forever, and with sea levels rising, we cannot afford to lose our food security.

We need to protect our communities, protect our climate and not just kowtow to the landowners and developers who do not have our interests at heart.

Many people were asking why we are not building on brown-field sites, but this is yet to be answered.

We know we need additional housing, but we also need a decent level of affordable and social housing for those who need it most.

Our doctor's surgeries in North Walsham can't cope now.

They don't have the physical space to attend to an ageing Norfolk population, and definitely not enough space to expand for an additional 6,000 new patients who have to drive all the way across town.

All the new residents will have to drive their kids to school across already jam-packed and unsuitable roads, and we know what the parking is like outside schools on the school-run time now.

The bypass which has been discussed for years, won't actually join up with the industrial estate - this is utterly bonkers and will only serve to restrict the ability of North Walsham to create jobs.

Everyone in the room tonight seemed to be of the same opinion.

This local plan needs to be sent back to the drawing board.

It is flawed on so many levels, and the only box it ticks is for 2,000 new homes. Nothing else.

There will be massive objections to this local plan until the community is involved and the community agrees.

The consultation is open for comments but only until Wednesday 19th June.

It was welcomed that the Mayor of North Walsham, Garry Bull, is happy to accept written objections or comments on the local plan at the Town Council office and will submit these on behalf of residents. Residents can also submit comments online here ELAINE ADDISON

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