'I love the pine woods at Wells': Q&A with skipper Liam Pink

Liam Pink, captain of the Lucy Lavers, with his son Zander. 

Liam Pink, captain of the Lucy Lavers, with his son Zander. - Credit: Supplied by Liam Pink

We're asking people in North Norfolk about their life and love for the area in a series of new Q&As. 

This week Sculthorpe resident and sea captain, Liam Pink, 27 reveals his love for the freedom he feels in North Norfolk.

1. How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

I am an experienced local skipper and I have just started a new business venture and will now be running trips on the historic lifeboat and Dunkirk Little Ship 'Lucy Lavers' from Tugboat Yard in Wells, on behalf of the charity Rescue Wooden Boats. 

Liam Pink, the new skipper of the Lucy Lavers, put the final touches on the Dunkirk

Liam Pink, the new skipper of the Lucy Lavers, put the final touches on the Dunkirk Little Ship ahead of the tourist season on the north Norfolk coast. - Credit: Supplied by Wooden Rescue Boats

2. How long have you lived in Norfolk?

I grew up in Wells for 21 years and have since moved out to Sculthorpe. 

3. What would you do if you were mayor of your town or village for a day? 

If it could be done in a day I would try to create a support network of some kind which helps and advises start up and small businesses on a local scale - which would hopefully lead to more local opportunities for people and more success for people in the area. 

4. What is your favourite landmark?

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For me it would be the Wells pine woods, most would say the beach. It's close yet far away and once you get right into the depths of the woods it is almost as if you have the place to yourself. 

 Its Magical, seeing the sunbeams through the trees in Wells Woods.

Sunbeams through the trees in the Wells pine woods. - Credit: Martin Sizeland

5. What is your favourite pub?

More recently it would be the Sculthorpe Aviator - the new owners have done a great job with the place. 

The new patio Sculthorpe Aviator in Fakenham. Picture: Archant

The Sculthorpe Aviator in Fakenham. - Credit: Archant

6. Which shops do you rely on?

Country Garden in Wells for the freshest fruit and veg and GJL animal feeds in Fakenham for our ever expanding herd if horses, ducks, chickens and dogs. 

7. What is your favourite place to go and eat?

It has to be The Orange Tree in Thornham. It's always a good evening and always amazing food. 

The Orange Tree, Thornham

The Orange Tree in Thornham. - Credit: Archant

8. What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?

A long walk with the dogs, my partner and my son through the pine woods and along the beach, followed by a good old hot chocolate from Will's of Wells coffee shop. 

9. Which places would you recommend to visitors? 

I would for sure recommend Wells for the variation of things to do, beautiful beaches, fine dining, traditional pubs and cafes.

For water-based activities there's so much available: Sailing and exploration trips, harbour tours, a meal on a classic lifeboat and a day of fishing for tope mackerel.

The fleet at Wells has something for everyone. 

The Lucy Lavers will be going on day trips from her base at Wells-next-the Sea throughout 2021. 

The Lucy Lavers, which Liam Pink will captain in the 2021 season.  - Credit: Supplied by Wooden Rescue Boats

10. Who is your north Norfolk hero? 

My north Norfolk hero is a difficult one but I would go with a family friend, Alistair. He is a very self-sufficient man who doesn't need a great deal, is always polite and will always have people smiling after seeing him. 

He's a role model for those who want a simple but happy life.

11. What do you most love about north Norfolk?

I have worked in a lot of places around the UK and Europe and north Norfolk has a sense of freedom you get nowhere else.

It's so easy to be in and amongst the hustle and bustle during the summer season then go for a five minute walk or boat ride and be completely out of it. 

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