Protests in Cromer over government cuts

Protests have been staged across the county today in a 'day of action' with campaigners joining together to fight back against what they claim are 'unnecessary and unfair' government cuts.

The protests are part of a nationwide event, called by the Trade Union Congress, who have asked communities throughout the UK to organise street stalls, rallies and other similar events.

In Norfolk, the call was taken up by the Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts Group, who organised protests in Kings Lynn, Cromer, Dereham and Norwich.

Andy Cairns from the North Norfolk Against the Cuts group, joined with around 10 others in Cromer outside the Lloyds TSB Bank to protest.

The group had with them a cheque, which they said symbolised the taxpayer asking for their money back from banks which have bailed out by the government,

Mr Cairns said: 'What we are trying to do is draw attention to the alternatives which there are to making cuts. The financial crisis has not been caused by too much spending on public services, but spending on baling out the banks. That money spent on bailing them out has not been reinvested, so we are asking for our money back, so that we can use it where it should be used - on public services.

'The other alternative to cuts is tackling tax evaders and those who avoid tax.'

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Further demonstrations and protests are planned, with a 'Valentines Day Massacre of Public Services' protest at County Hall in Norwich on Monday, February 14 from 8.45am and the TUC National Demonstration in London on Saturday, March 26.