Professor keeps his collection coming

Professor Cedric Cullingford. Picture: Maurice Gray

Professor Cedric Cullingford. Picture: Maurice Gray - Credit: Archant

A modest author who uses his academic skills to create the unusual in book form has just released his latest publication.

Professor Cedric Cullingford, a well-known author on the book shelves with a readership that follows every word around the world, has published 'Elegies'.

Mr Cullingford, who says he has retired and now lives in the Broads area, is already working on another two books for later this year.

With a display of more than forty publications, including, 'In the City', 'The Room Outside', 'Inconsistent Visitors', and recently, 'The Rosein Winter', Mr Cullingford explained about his latest, 'Elegies', "It consists of two parts and the Elegies themselves form a coherent whole , taking us through twenty four hours, from night to night, with connections of image, ideas and sounds", he added, "The second part is a series of poems that I have called 'lamentations', and they deal with sombre themes but are supposed to give pleasure".

The Professor of English language, education and studying home/schooling relations and attitudes has researched in depth which prompts his publications.

'Elegies', published by, is available at selected book shops.