'You could see every bone' - Abandoned dog found in ditch at camping site

Poppy was found in Waxham

Poppy was found in a ditch by a camping site in Waxham, Norfolk - Credit: Dean Barron

A dog found in a "horrific state" after being abandoned in a north Norfolk ditch is now on the long road to recovery.

It was during a camping trip in Waxham when a group of friends spotted the emaciated and furless dog as it crawled up from a ditch on Saturday, July 23. 

Among them was Dean Barron and Kelly Severn, from Great Yarmouth, who described it as an "awful and shocking" experience. 

"It's the worst I have ever seen an animal. I have never seen anything like it in my life," said Ms Severn.

Poppy was found in a ditch at a camping site in Waxham

Poppy was found in a ditch at a camping site in Waxham - Credit: Dean Barron

"The poor thing was laying in a ditch and she came over to where we were sitting. I think she knew we would help her.

"I don’t know how long she had been there or why she was there. But if we hadn't found her, she probably would have died."

With the dog barely able to stand, Mr Barron rushed her to the nearest vet and she was taken into the care of a local dog warden. 

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After posting photographs of the poor pup - now named Poppy - online, hundreds got in touch to offer their help and money towards her vet fees.

Poppy was found in a ditch at a camping site in Waxham

Poppy was found in a ditch at a camping site in Waxham - Credit: Dean Barron

Mr Barron, also from Great Yarmouth, said: "It just broke my heart. 

"She couldn't stand, she was in a terrible state and her eyes looked so sad.

"Everyone has been asking about her and as far as I know she is doing okay. I would love to give her a home."

Poppy, believed to be a spaniel crossed with a pointer and aged around 12 months old, is now in a more stable condition and gaining her strength.

But with many more vet appointments and treatments needed, she has now been placed into the care of Spaniel Assist Rescue and Rehoming in a specialist foster home.

The founder of the rescue, Dawn Clough, from west Yorkshire, confirmed that Poppy had been scanned for a microchip, which linked her back to a breeder, but they did not provide any contact details for an owner.

Poppy is now in the care of Spaniel Assist Rescue and Rehoming

Poppy is now in the care of Spaniel Assist Rescue and Rehoming - Credit: Dean Barron

She added: "We are assuming that she was abandoned.

"But the owner won’t come forward; no one will accept liability for this sweet girl. 

"It’s terrible. You can see every bone in her body.

"But now she is with us, she will receive the very best care, treatment and love.

"Poppy is going to our very best foster home."

For those who wish to donate towards Poppy's care visit Spaniel Assist Rescue and Rehoming's donation page.

Appeal for information

The RSPCA do not have a current investigation running into Poppy's abandonment but would welcome information.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “We are so sorry to hear what has happened to poor Poppy and are grateful to everyone who has stepped in to help her and we are pleased to hear she is recovering.

“The incident has not been reported to us - but we would urge anyone who has any first hand information in relation to this to call us on the RSPCA cruelty line 0300 1234 999.”

Figures aligned to the animal welfare charity's Cancel Out Cruelty campaign have shown that 44,427 reports of dog cruelty were made to them last year, involving 92,244 dogs - a 16pc increase on 2020.