Police spark prison riot fear

Top-volume foul language, loud chanting, and the sounds of clashing metal sparked fears of a night-time riot at HMP Bure.

But the rumpus was revealed last week to have been caused by police officers - and not mutinous sex offenders in the 500-place prison.

Nick Dickety, whose home at former RAF Coltishall is near the jail, was concerned to hear raised voices and banging apparently coming from the prison on Thursday evening at about 8pm.

'There was quite a commotion and a lot of bad language. It sounded co-ordinated - with chanting, what seemed like trays being banged together and lots of f-ing and blinding - as if there was some sort of riot going on,' said Mr Dickety.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said he had contacted the prison governor who reported that there had been no disturbances at HMP Bure - but police had been holding a riot-training exercise nearby.

A police spokesman confirmed that they did use one of the disused RAF hangars on the base for public-order training.

When the EDP told Mr Dickety the news, he said: 'Well I'm reassured - but they might have told us! I half-wondered whether it was coming from North Walsham Rugby Club down the road - they haven't been doing too well lately.'