Plans for vehicle checking area at Bacton submitted to council

Plans have been submitted for a new vehicle checking and construction laydown area at Bacton Gas Terminal.

The application by Perenco UK, who have formed the Bacton Storage Company Limited, and Eni Hewett, has now been registered with North Norfolk District Council.

The proposal is for a patch of land immediately to the east of the terminal to be temporarily used for the purposes of vehicle checking and laydown of construction materials, while work on two gas storage projects is taking place.

The plans include provision for a security office, warehouse, buildings, staff welfare facilities, fencing and lighting and the creation of new access points on Paston Road.

With a number of new projects being planned for the terminal, and the number of workers at the site set to increase, plans are also set to be submitted to the council in January, for new park-and-ride sites one in Walcott and one in North Walsham, to ferry up to 1,000 construction workers to and from the gas site.

The aim is to reduce traffic flow and congestion through Bacton and Walcott.

The proposals for the park and ride sites will be discussed at a meeting of Walcott Parish Council at Walcott Village Hall on Monday, January 17 from 7.30pm, with the meeting open to the public.

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