“Seeing them do this made me shudder”: Photograph captures pair standing on sea wall despite dangerous waves

The pair are inches from a huge wave in Cromer. Picture: Alison Toon

The pair are inches from a huge wave in Cromer. Picture: Alison Toon - Credit: Alison Toon

An image of two people standing on the promenade edge overlooking viscous waves has sparked disbelief on a north Norfolk facebook page.

A photograph taken on March 15 shows two people standing on the seafront wall with waves smashing directly in front of them and over the wall.

Photographer Alison Toon wrote: 'Seeing them do this made me shudder... I think they walked away without harm.'

Other members of the facebook group, Enjoy Cromer More, commented in anguish that the pair had put themselves, and potentially others, in danger.

Katy Jackson wrote: 'That is ridiculously stupid. If they fell in it's not just their lives they are putting at risk, it's also their rescuers live's too.'

Some suggested the pair were merely thrill-seekers, but Tara Fletcher-Rollison added: 'I don't think anyone is suggesting we shouldn't have fun, but to just not have fun where you may be endangering both your own life, and those of people who would need to rescue you.

'Remember the damage the sea did to our beautiful seafront a few years ago.'

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