Petition to grit Coltishall road handed over

A petition calling for a stretch of road in Coltishall which it is claimed has been the scene of numerous accidents to be included on the gritting route, has been handed over to councillors.

Coltishall Parish Council are campaigning for the Great Hautbois to Badersfield Road, which leads to the new village of Badersfield and HMP Bure, based on the old RAF Coltishall site, to be included on Norfolk County Council's current gritting schedule.

The finalised petition, with 619 signatures, was presented to Norfolk County Councillor James Carswell, on Monday, January 10.

Also handed over were 16 emails calling for the road to be gritted.

A spokesman for the parish council said: 'James is committed to presenting the concerns and this request from Coltishall, Great Hautbois, Buxton, Badersfield and HMP Bure staff to the head of the highways department at County Hall.'

The county council have said there is already a treated route to the prison, through the village of Buxton with Lamas along the B1150, and they do not have much spare capacity for gritting.

They added that parish councils could buy grit bins themselves and the county council would provide road salt.

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