People in Norfolk urged to prepare for floods

Families in Norfolk are being urged to be prepared in the event of a flood with the launch of a new booklet and DVD filled with practical advice.

As high winds and wet weather batter most of Britain, a free guidebook has been released to help people across the county prepare for flooding.

The 15-page leaflet, Flooding: Practical and Personal Advice on How to Prepare, Act and Recover from a Flood, was launched yesterday on the third anniversary of the tidal surge which led to homes being evacuated and sandbags being made available to residents.

It complements a DVD entitled 'Flooding...Are you prepared?', created by Norfolk police and sponsored by Aviva, which is available to borrow from libraries in the county.

More than five million people currently live in areas that are at risk from flooding. The booklet encourages readers to check if they are in a flood risk area and if they are what items are useful for a flood kit and how to create a personal flood plan.

The plan includes knowing how to turn off gas, electricity and mains water supplies, planning an escape route and thinking about what you can move. There is also a contact numbers sheet where people can add their own emergency numbers, such as a friend and the doctors surgery.

The 10-minute DVD, narrated by broadcast meteorologist Martyn Davies, highlights tell-tale signs of flooding, encourages people to register with the Environment Agency to receive flood warnings and explains how to best prepare for a flood.

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Alex Fraser, operations director for East Anglia at the British Red Cross, which has produced the booklet, said: 'Ensuring that you are prepared for a crisis can make a huge difference in saving the lives of you and your family and in protecting your livelihood.

'Through this guide we want to make sure that everyone learns about the possible effects of flooding in East Anglia and give practical advice to keep people safe from harm should the worst ever happen.'