Your say: Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

People in Cromer

Clockwise from top left: Stephen James, from Norwich; Tanya McBride, from Cromer; Neil Case, from Lowestoft; Patricia Sykes, who lives in Cromer; David Evans, from the midlands; Jenna Mendoza, from London. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Have people started their Christmas shopping earlier this year?

This was the question our reporter Daniel Hickey asked in Cromer on Tuesday afternoon (November 9) amid reports of an early rush on the high street as customers look to avoid being caught out by potential supply chain issues.

Tanya McBride, 34, from Cromer, said: "I'm done. I'm wrapped. I started in June to spread out the cost, because you have to budget evenly, especially after being on furlough."

Tanya McBride, 34, from Cromer.

Tanya McBride, 34, from Cromer. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

She buys forĀ her son and two step-children.

"I don't think there are any massive supply issues in terms of toy shops anyway," she added.

Stephen James, 40, from Norwich and visiting Cromer for the day, said he finished his Christmas shopping a few weeks ago.

Stephen James, 40, from Norwich

Stephen James, 40, from Norwich, was visiting Cromer for the day. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

"I started a bit earlier to get things done."

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He said he had no concerns about supply issues but that shopping was still "a bit of a chore".

Neil Case, 58, from Lowestoft, was visiting Cromer.

Neil Case, 58, from Lowestoft, was visiting Cromer. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Neil Case, 58, visiting Cromer from Lowestoft, said: "I haven't even started yet but we don't have too much shopping to do. It's just me and the wife so we don't have a lot of people to shop for apart from ourselves.

A lorry driver, Mr Case added: "I am part of the supply chain myself but I don't worry too much about it. Work has certainly got busier."

Jenna Mendoza, 40, from London, was visiting Cromer with her family.

Jenna Mendoza, 40, from London, was visiting Cromer with her family. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Jenna Mendoza, from London and visiting Cromer with her husband and two children, said: "I love Christmas but I hate shopping for it. I do more online these days."

Kathy Evans, visiting Cromer from the midlands

Kathy Evans, visiting Cromer from the midlands, normally starts Christmas shopping at the end of October. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

David and Kathy Evans, visiting from the Midlands, said they don't like to start shopping too early.

Mrs Evans said: "I buy more stuff if I start early and then at the end I splurge anyway."

Patricia Sykes, retired, in Cromer.

Patricia Sykes, retired, lives in Cromer. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Patricia Sykes, retired and living in Cromer, said: "This year, because it's been a strange year, I started a little bit earlier. Because my family is up in Yorkshire, I've been getting bits and pieces. If I am out for the day and I see something different, I pick it up.

"I like to keep it as local as possible.

"I've been shopping for my grandson. I like to get him something that's not from the stores."

"Normally I would be travelling up to Yorkshire and back but because of lockdown, so I thought the bits and pieces I would normally bring up I'll save them until Christmas. I've changed my thinking and my habits," she added.