'I've never been busier' - Q&A with Paul Hensby

Paul Hensby

Paul Hensby, from Overstrand. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Hensby

We're featuring people who live and work in north Norfolk in a series of Q&As. This week we speak to Paul Hensby, from Overstrand. 

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

I moved to Overstrand to retire. But I've never been busier.
For a start I now help my wife with her garden design business and since last summer I have devoted a lot of time to launching Poppyland Community Radio.

So, in short, I see my role as getting a successful community radio off the ground and then handing over to people more qualified and with more, er, energy.

At the new Poppyland radio studio are: back row, Adam Wood, Paul Hensby, front, Mike Goldwater, Will

At the new Poppyland radio studio are: back row, Adam Wood, Paul Hensby, front, Mike Goldwater, Will Wilson. - Credit: Amanda Hensby

How long have you lived inhere?

I've lived in Overstrand for seven years.

What would you do if you were mayor of your town or village for a day?

I would organise for children from a deprived inner-city area to come to Overstrand, enjoy the beach, meet local children and experience something they would otherwise be unlikely to do that will give them pleasure and great memories.

Visitors enjoy the hot weather at Overstrand. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Visitors enjoy the beach at Overstrand. - Credit: Archant

What is your favourite landmark in north Norfolk?

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Looking along the coast, east from Overstrand, on a summer's morning and seeing the sun's rays illuminating the gently sloping cliffs carpeted by plants clinging to what seems the edge of the countryside before it falls onto the sandy beach below.

What is your favourite pub?

Pre-Covid, I loved the bustle, atmosphere and range of beers at The Red Lion in Cromer.

Now, it's probably The Gunton Arms because sitting outside on a sunny day and seeing the deer park stretch for miles is a rare joy.

Business partners Stuart Tattersall, Ivor Braka and Simone Tattersall outside The Suffield Arms pub

Business partners Stuart Tattersall, Ivor Braka and Simone Tattersall outside The Suffield Arms pub at Gunton near North Walsham. - Credit: Neil Didsbury

Which shops do you rely on?

Overstrand's village store, and in Cromer it's The Butcher's Joint and Lizzies - for excellent local sourced meat and vegetables - and Lidl because I'm addicted to the gadgets and also their themed weeks of foods from different parts of the world. Great staff too.

What is your favourite place to eat out in north Norfolk?

The Gunton Arms. It has great memories for me, the food is normally excellent, the staff efficient and the art is very interesting and edgy.

I admire owner Ivor Braka and chef Stuart Tattersall for what they've done and how they've done it.

What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?

Any warm summer's day, and all I can see are families enjoying the beach and sea.

I feel privileged to find pleasure on the North Norfolk coast every day, and if others enjoy it too, well that's perfect.

Which places in north Norfolk would you recommend to visitors?

Holkham, as it has everything - the wonderfully managed nature reserve, the stunning beach, the fabulous art and history of the hall and huge park with its woods, lake, walks and activities.

Felbrigg and Blickling are both very interesting in different ways, and both have wonderful walled gardens.

Felbrigg Hall Gardens for Leader page and Sunday supp. Pics for Mike Pollitt. Picture; Sam Robbins

Felbrigg Hall Gardens. - Credit: Archant

Who is your north Norfolk hero?

My wife Amanda. Apart from being the best support I could ever have, she started a garden design business three years ago which has taken off very successfully because she knows so much, she's so well organised, she plans in meticulous detail, her clients love her and she works very hard.

She keeps me fit too, by involving me in the 'heavy lifting' and occasionally asking my advice.

What do you most love about north Norfolk?

The peace, the skies, the varied coastline and the gentle slopes of the 'ridge' just inland running from Mundesley to Blakeney. Thanks to living in North Norfolk I look and feel younger than I am.