Pandemonium at Pandamaran: Is this real reason why fireworks in Cromer were cancelled on New Year’s Day?

Ten people were injured in the fireworks mishap in Maylasia. Picture: YOUTUBE

Ten people were injured in the fireworks mishap in Maylasia. Picture: YOUTUBE - Credit: YOUTUBE

Dramatic footage has emerged of a mishap at display in Malaysia which left 10 people injured.

First-footers in north Norfolk were left disappointed when the New Year's Day fireworks display in Cromer was cancelled over safety concerns prompted by the worsening weather forecast.

Many had already travelled to the coast from outwith the area to witness a spectacular start to 2017.

But Tony Shipp, a fireworks committee member, said those watching from the promenade would have been covered in smoke and ash - unable to see much of the display - and there was also a danger that a firework could have been carried in the stiff breeze, injuring someone.

And the organisers - who have rescheduled the event for Sunday, January 8 at 5pm - may have been vindicated in their decision by a mishap at the New Year's Day display in Malaysia after several fireworks failed to go off in the air.

Ten people were injured in the pandemonium at the Pandamaran Sports Complex in Port Klang.

Videos of the incident showed several fireworks exploding on the ground where the spectators had gathered to watch the display.

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Cromer Mayor Tim Adams said: 'I am very sorry that we have had to postpone the New Year's Day Fireworks in Cromer due to the predicted 25mph plus northerly gusts and inclement weather.' But he added: 'We cannot go ahead due to safety reasons and insurance.'

The decision had been taken by the fireworks committee as a whole after listening to the recommendation of the display organisers, Titanium, who successfully staged the displays in London and Edinburgh on New Year's Eve.

Mr Adams continued: 'We had considered other options including a complete cancellation or a reduced display. However, we realise the huge boost this free event has to businesses in Cromer and the event raises a large amount of money for charities and grant funding every year.

'We want to do a good job here and blow your socks off with the fantastic display you have come to expect!'