Your say: Should we close carparks at north Norfolk beauty spots?

People in Sheringham

Clockwise from top left: Russell Smith, 57, from Sheffield; Mandy Ward; Helen Baylis, 54; Alfred Roy Christmas, 77; Pretty Woods in Sheringham; Paul Ritchie, 60. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

A suggestion that closing carparks outside beauty spots in north Norfolk could limit negative effects on the area's sensitive environment has caused a stir.

The comment was made by environmentalist Chris Packham at North Norfolk District Council's recent Greenbuild festival.

The TV presenter, known for the Really Wild Show and Springwatch, said that the high number of carparks at places like the New Forest, where he lives, made it too easy for visitors to go there.

Springwatch presenter Chris Packham said he hoped other farmers would take rewilding and regenerativ

Chris Packham spoke as part of North Norfolk District Council's online Greenbuild festival. - Credit: Danielle Booden

Although both the New Forest and north Norfolk had benefited from tourism, it needed to be managed, he said.

But what do people in Sheringham think of the idea? Would they be happy if some of the carparks were closed?

We sent our reporter Daniel Hickey to the town to ask the question.

Mandy Ward, from Leicestershire.

Mandy Ward, from Leicestershire. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Mandy Ward, who was visiting from Leicestershire, said: "People do abuse carparks, don't they, so I do understand.

"I went to Snowden a couple of years ago and it was horrendous, it was totally wrecked. I understand what he's saying but people will still try and get there.

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"We live close to the New Forest and people are always fly-tipping all over the place," she added.

Helen Baylis, 54.

Helen Baylis, 54. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Helen Baylis, 54, said: "There are two sides to this because you don't want the trouble, but you also want people to be able to park and enjoy these places."

Paul Ritchie, 60.

Paul Ritchie, 60. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Paul Ritchie, 60, said: "If the carparks were closed, disabled people would not have the access. They need the chance to enjoy the countryside."

Russell Smith, 57, from Sheffield.

Russell Smith, 57, from Sheffield. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Russell Smith, 57, who was visiting from Sheffield, said he did not think it was a good idea.

"Where I am from it's all multi-storey buildings and carparks."

If he wanted to visit a so-called beauty spot, he has to drive there, he said.

Pretty Corner Woods in Sheringham.

Pretty Corner Woods in Sheringham. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

In the carpark at Pretty Corner Woods, Alfred Roy Christmas was taking his dog for a walk.

Alfred Roy Christmas, 77, from East Runton.

Alfred Roy Christmas, 77, from East Runton. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

The 77-year-old from East Runton said: "It's a silly idea. People have to park here to visit the place. They can't walk from where they live. People have to walk their dogs somewhere.

"I come here everyday. If the carparks were closed, people would go mental I think," he said.