OPINION: ‘A wave machine is not needed at town’s new pool’

Inside Sheringham's Splash. Photo: Archant Library

Inside Sheringham's Splash. Photo: Archant Library - Credit: Archant Library

Having fought hard for 'Splash' for some considerable time as a district councillor, along with Judy Oliver at county (both of us now out of office at district) I cannot get hold of the stupidity of people who want the wave machine and funny ball things to exist!

The only reason we have Splash at all is because Sports England are funding it, fought hard by our chief executive officers At North Norfolk District Council.

For the first time we have a competitive pool for school galas, and two learner pools for kiddies who, judging from recent tragedies desperately need it.

MORE: Petition launched amid fears £12.7m pool will belly flopDid councillor [Liz] Withington speak on behalf of Sheringham Town Council or as a private person at full council recently?

She did not talk on behalf of me or hundreds of others.

We only have tourists for about four months and they are very welcome and I have no doubt that wave machines (for which many people get out of the water!) are welcome, but our kids and schools come first.


Waterbank Road

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