READER LETTER: ‘We desperately need more bungalows’

Government figures reveal a third of all properties bought in north Norfolk in 2017-18 were second h

Government figures reveal a third of all properties bought in north Norfolk in 2017-18 were second homes. Photo: Getty - Credit: Getty Images

I am replying to your article (North Norfolk News, October 25) regarding second homes.

I live in a four-bedroom house on a very basic pension that is not sufficient to pay my everyday bills. I have been trying to move for years to downsize to a three or three bed bungalow with hopefully a little cash left over live on for a few more years.

The price of the few bungalows that come on the market is now so high that it would actually cost me to move.

A suitable bungalow would now cost as much as I would get for my house. I am 72 years old but not ready for a flat. That would be a step too far for me but because of problems with osteoporosis and a few health problems I am desperate to move before it becomes physically impossible.

My point is that this is a big retirement area for elderly people who need bungalows and planning doesn't seem to be insisting on the building of bungalows.

What does come on the market is snapped up by people moving here or buying a second home, putting the prices beyond my reach.

I am stuck in a big house that I can no longer maintain, with nowhere affordable to move to.

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When you reach a certain age you don't want to be forced out of the town in which you were born, as I may have to and you don't need to be forced into inferior semi detached so called affordable homes. We need small, two-bed, detached bungalows with a tiny garden, especially for retired but still active people.

Please can you point this out to our local planning office.

I really despair about the position I am in and it causes me so much fear and anxiety.

Would really appreciate your help in bringing awareness to this dilemma.


Cowslip Lane


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