Short film shot on Norfolk beach is released

The crew on the beach at Happisburgh. The crew have been filming there and around the coast at

The band Oh Wonder were seen filming on the beach at Happisburgh and Cart Gap. - Credit: Chris Hubbard

A short film made by the London-based musical duo Oh Wonder on the beaches of north Norfolk has now been released. 

Husband and wife Anthony and Josephine Vander West and their film crew were seen around Happisburgh and Cart Gap in August.

They have now released an album called 22 Break along with a 38-minute film of the same name, which features the couple performing the music and acting out scenes with north Norfolk's cliffs and beaches in the background. 

A fire was lit as part of the filming at Cart Gap beach. 

A fire was lit as part of the filming at Cart Gap beach. - Credit: Will Warwick

The theme of the album is the couple's near-split in 2020 during the pandemic, when they were not able to tour. 

The crew was asked to leave Happisburgh's beach car park during the filming because they did not have permission to be there. 

After moving around the coast to Cart Gap, scores of onlookers saw the duo perform extra scenes on the beach, and the filming culminated in the burning of a makeshift building after dark, which also features in a scene of the film.