Norfolk train station features as 'pointless' answer on BBC TV show

Questions on the final round of Pointless last night.

Questions on the final round of Pointless last night. - Credit: BBC

The name of a Norfolk train station could have won you the £1,000 jackpot on the BBC show Pointless last night.

The game show, which is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, puts obscure knowledge to the test.

Contestants need to give the most unpopular answers to questions to score as low as possible.

On Wednesday night's episode (May 25), finalists Sue and Shelia, were asked to name a National Rail station alphabetically between Newtown and Old Hull.

In the final round, the pair gave three answers to their chosen question.

They named Oldham, Oadby and Oakham, however, none of their answers were pointless.

At the end of the show, co-host Richard Osman revealed that if they had answered North Walsham, they would have walked out with the prize money.

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The other questions they could have chosen to win the final jackpot included, naming an English second division football champion in chronological order between Newcastle United and Oldham, or naming a best actor Oscar nominee between Paul Newman and Gary Oldman.