North Walsham couple’s dog banned from charity shops

A couple who have been banned from bringing their dog into a series of charity shops in north Norfolk say they have been left saddened by the decision.

Carol, 64, and Gordon Hathaway from Birds Road, North Walsham, have been told they can no longer bring their three-year-old border collie dog, Dancer into the North Walsham, Cromer or Aylsham Break shops.

The couple and their dog have been regular visitors to the shops since they moved to North Walsham three years ago.

They said at the time, the managers of the shops used their discretion as Dancer was well behaved, and staff let them in to donate and buy goods.

But Mr Hathaway says late last year the managers were told not to allow people in with dogs any more.

In an email Mr Hathaway, 65, sent to Break, he states: 'There was a perfectly workable policy whereby the local managers used their discretion. In fact we are quite disgusted with the way you have treated both staff and customers in this matter. Your outright ban is totally unnecessary, quite unjustified and does not even meet with the obvious aims of making the most money for your worthy cause.'

He added: 'We find as dog owners this is very silly, there are so many shops where you can bring dogs in.'

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A spokesman for Break said: 'For many years it has been Break's policy not to allow dogs into our shops except assist/guide dogs. This is in line with many national and local charities.

'To ensure this policy is applied consistently, we have recently reminded our managers in all of our 38 shops across East Anglia, Lincolnshire and the West Country.'