Blueprint for Norfolk town’s future rejected by local council

The north Norfolk draft local proposes a western extension to North Walsham of up to 1,800 homes. Ph

The north Norfolk draft local proposes a western extension to North Walsham of up to 1,800 homes. Photo: North Norfolk District Council Local Plan - Credit: NNDC

A blueprint for the future of a Norfolk town has been rejected by the local council.

North Norfolk District Council's (NNDC) draft local plan 2016-36 is out for consultation.

And it has been rejected by North Walsham Town Council.

The town is designated as a growth area in the plan, but new mayor Garry Bull does not believe that the current infrastructure can support the housing proposed.

And Mr Bull said the council objected to the draft plan and had many key concerns.

He said that expansion to the west of the town was only possible with the necessary infrastructure in place.

He said: "The industrial link road is essential and must be built in advance of residential development.

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"And the western link road must be built as a single project and be open to public traffic before any housing construction begins."

He said a working party should be set up including representatives from the town, district and county councils and stakeholders to progress the draft plan so it could be made acceptable to the town council.

The council also states that it has not seen the district council's ongoing traffic surveys and study, and the impact of developments on traffic.

And the authority also wants to know how the district council's declaration of a climate change emergency will impact on developments. The draft plan also does not take into account the environmental damage of the developments.

Mr Bull added: "The town council is also concerned that under the current proposals North Walsham runs the risk of becoming a dormitory town for employment in other areas at the expense of employment within the town."

The town council has held two public consultations on the local plan.

The Local Plan explains where, how, and how much new development should take place in North Norfolk between now and 2036. It proposes up to 11,000 new homes including 2,300 affordable homes, new employment land, protected areas of green space, and a range of new policies guiding development proposals relating to housing construction standards, design of development, renewable energy, and coastal management.